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38, 양자리, Colombia
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Hot and Explosive are 2 perfect words to describe myself. I'm always get so turn on when I'm broadcasting, I love to conect to the people who is watching me and give them my all!
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Colombian Hottie who loves to have lots of fun
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I don't like to being rushed, please don't request things without tips. Thank you xx
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About me!

Love reading and travel. Lived in Asia for several years. Enjoy conversation on a variety of topics.

You will find me fresh, charming, authentic, incredibly intriguing with a curious mind, and last but not least extremely enthusiastic.

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Let me be your favorite obsession!

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My first 20.000 Tips Here! ♥
My first 20.000 Tips Here! ♥
I just want to entertain you all and have lots of fun together!
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Welcome to my World of Pure Seduction

I grew up in sunny Colombia, and am predictably asked why I would ever want to leave, but as it turns out -  sunshine is only the tip of the what-I-want-out-of-life iceberg. I want variety. I want smart, dynamic friends (& lovers), cinemas that show the limited release films that never came to Colombia, restaurants with stamps of approval from Pete Wells & voluminous wine lists...the list goes on...

I feel super lucky to lead the life I do. A spunky lady once said "We only live once, but if you do it right, that's enough." 

Living only once, there's no time for bad dates. The people I choose to spend time with are intelligent, articulate, well traveled, well groomed, and as discerning as I am. 

i love you dating Sticker

Dream date

Well like ideal gases ideal dates don't exist in the far-flung real world. But frankly, what's the problem in dreaming sweet dreams? So let's begin!

Image result for beach date"

My ideal dating atmosphere will be near a sea beach.Daylight almost fading and tinkering twilight taking shape.. Sun has almost set and there's a cool sea breeze to ruffle up my braided hair locks. The table is set with colorful aromatic candles lining up one by one.

Small soft lights lighting up like glow-worms. Good food as they say, there's some sweet corn soup that teases the taste buds & a bottle of good old sweet red wine like Chardonnay….